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Mildura Church of Christ

Loving God, Loving People


The Lord Loves a Cheerful Giver (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Your giving is vitally important to the ministry of the Mildura Church of Christ. Over 90% of our annual income comes from the faithful tithes and offerings of the members of our Church. The future of our Church, its ministries and mission is dependant on your ongoing generosity. The aim of this page is to inform you and encourage you about ways you can partner with the Church through your giving.

Andrew Tonkin Ministry Team Leader

For further study you might like to take a closer look at the following passages of Scripture. 

1Timothy 6: 18

Psalm 116: 12

Exodus 35: 5, 22

2 Corinthians 9: 6-10

Dueteronomy 9: 14

Malachi 3: 10 

Ezra 1: 5-6

2 Chronicles 31: 5

1 Chronicles 29: 4-5,

9 2Corinthians 8:

7 Hebrews 13: 16

Psalm 112: 2 

Offering Envelopes

The use of Offering Envelopes continues to be one of the most popular ways to give. Each year a yearly set of envelopes are made available, free of charge. Each envelope is dated to help you keep up to date with your regular Offering

Direct Debit

This is an increasingly popular way to give. You can arrange with your bank to have your regular offering directly deposited into the Church’s bank account. It is very easy to do and it ensures that your giving continues even if you are away on holidays or unable to get to Church due to illness. The relevant bank account details can be obtained by speaking with one of our Office Staff.


Pushpay enables you to give safely and quickly. It is a free application that you can download, register, and Give to Mildura Church of Christ. The App is available on both Apple and Android devices. Simply download the Pushpay App for your selected device and enter information as shown in the videos below.


Giving via the Pushpay App

Giving via Text

To give from your computer, please Click Here

If you have further questions on Pushpay, please email Michael Waters

One off Special Gifts

An occasion may arise where you are able to give a substantial gift to the Church. Examples of this kind of generosity in the past has enabled the Church to purchase equipment and create new ministry initiatives. Large gift amounts can be given with specific ministry areas in mind, however it is usually best to discuss options with the Minister or an Elder first.

Interest Free Loan

In special circumstances you may be in a position to provide the Church with an interest free loan. The exact details of how this may work can be worked out on each individual situation to maximise the benefit to both you and the Church. 

Donation of Goods

Second hand goods, craft items, baked goods, home grown produce. These are just a few examples of goods that can be donated and sold to raise much needed money for mission and ministry. 

Including the Church in your Will

One way that you can make a very generous and substantial contri- bution is by including the Church in your will. You may wish to give a stated amount or a percentage of your estate. You would be encouraged to communicate your intentions clearly with your family and solicitor. 

Getting Creative

You are certainly encouraged to use your imagination and creativity to come up with other ways which you can contribute financially to the Church. If you have an idea please take the time to share it with the Minister or an Elder.